It’s a lonely and confusing world living with chronic illness, so I’ve decided to put together a page on my site for important sites and resources to check out if you’re new to the chronic illness life. 

Find below a list of websites detailing the latest ME CFS research, ME CFS information packs, and a list of my favourite fellow chronic illness bloggers.



ME CFS Research Websites: 

ME Association

Action for ME

ME Support

ME Research UK


Haven’t yet read my information blog posts?

How to support someone with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME CFS) 

What is chronic fatigue syndrome (ME CFS)? 

How to cope with an chronic fatigue crash (ME CFS crash): My crash “first aid” box 

“The Spoon Theory” explained 

My typical day as a chronic fatigue blogger 


My Favourite Chronic Illness Bloggers: 

A Journey Through The Fog:

My Anxious Life:

Shona Louise:

Life of Pippa:

My Vertigo and Me:

Diary of a Zebra:

Natasha Lipman:


Despite Pain:

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