Hi, I’m Soph, founder of Mummying and M.E. and this is me… 

I am a chronic illness blogger living in Hertfordshire with my husband Mark and our wonderful daughter Evie. I live with several chronic illnesses including ME/CFS, severe asthma, costochondritis and vestibular migraines and have started this blog to (hopefully!) raise some awareness of these various conditions as well as share some tips and tricks (or life hacks I believe they’re called?) I’ve learnt so far.

The idea of creating this blog arose in May 2019. Being housebound for most of the day (bedbound on the worst days) with our daughter in nursery, social media was fast becoming my link to the outside world. Trying to find written accounts of life with ME CFS, particularly mummy life with a toddler, was difficult. Tiny snapshots were available across a variety of groups and forums but nowhere could I find someone spelling it out, warts and all. There were multiple sites explaining ME CFS, the symptoms and potential treatment options (more on that later) but none detailing the day to day. I wanted tips, advice, tricks to help conserve what little energy I had and how to use that energy in the best way possible.  

That’s where mummying and M.E was born. A blog that could document life with chronic illness, the ups, downs and everything in between. A blog that could point out tips, advice and techniques learnt so far that others might find helpful. But most importantly, a blog to help make people feel less alone. Life with multiple chronic illnesses is a lonely and confusing world, spent at endless medical appointments, endless tests and procedures, so if this blog can help just one person feel less lonely, then my aim will be achieved. 

When I’m not on here writing blog posts about chronic illnesses, lifestyle tips and tricks, and reviews of various products that brands have chosen to work with me on, you’ll find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, basically sharing naff motivational quotes. Click over on the right of this page to go to my social media pages and make sure to follow me on there.

Hope you enjoy my posts. If you do, and you can share a few quid, support me on here to help keep my website going.

If you’re a company wanting to work with me, want to know if your location is wheelchair-accessible, or you have a product you think my readers would be interested in, send me an email to mummyingandme@gmail.com .

Last of all, want to just say hi, or want any specific topics covered on the blog? Contact me here!

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  1. I’m crying finding your blog having a toddler a recently from covid i developed what I believe is cfs and am working towards the diagnosis. Just THANK YOU

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