Month: June 2020

M.E, Chronic Illness and Parenting – 10 Top Tips

This is an article for all the parents out there, whether newly diagnosed with a chronic illness or not. I was delighted to be asked by Friendili to write an article for them, to put together a list of 10 top tips for parenting with a chronic illness. Of course I couldn’t say no to […]

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“Why Do You Use A Wheelchair If You Can Walk?”

At the weekend whilst out on a wheel for some fresh air (also known as needing a break from near constant CBeebies), I bumped into someone from church. They wanted to know about my wheelchair use and asked me, very politely: can you walk? And it was this question that got me thinking about that […]

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Washing With Fatigue

(AD: This post contains affiliate links which means I would earn a very small commission if you chose to purchase the products, at no extra cost to you.)  There’s a reason why I’ve titled this one “washing with FATIGUE” and not “washing with M.E.” Fatigue is a symptom common to many conditions, not just M.E. […]

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