Year: 2020

Slimming World with ME/CFS

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Slimming World. I simply attend (virtually at the moment) each week, follow the programme and it’s amazing. I simply wanted to share what it’s like!  Disclaimer number 2: I would class my M.E. as moderate or 40-50% on the M.E. Association’s Disability Rating Scale. In no way do I […]

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A Letter to My Nearest and Dearest

To my wonderful friends and family (you know who you are),  I want to attempt to say thank you to you all but also sorry at the same time by writing this open letter. I’m not entirely sure I’ll manage but here goes. For those who haven’t met me in person but have supported me […]

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“Mum Guilt” with Chronic Illness

Mum guilt is one of those things that the majority of mums live with. We seem to worry about every aspect of our child’s upbringing. Are we feeding them the right things? Are they watching too much TV? Are we stimulating them enough or even too much? Mum guilt almost seems to be a rite […]

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Hiring a Wheelchair

(AD: This post is sponsored by Mobility Hire at Mobility Hire are the UK’s Number 1 supplier of mobility equipment on both short and long term hire nationwide.) Hiring a wheelchair is something you don’t often see written about in the public domain. Most people have purchased their wheelchairs, whether they be manual or […]

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Parenting and Pacing

Parenting and pacing. 2 words that really sound like they shouldn’t go together. How on earth does one learn to pace oneself as a parent with ME CFS? Parenting is tiring, there’s no doubt about that. It involves a lot of energy. How do you ration the *limited* energy you have as a chronically ill […]

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