16 Gift Ideas For People With Chronic Illness

NB: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you choose to purchase something through one of the links below, I will earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Stuck on what to buy your chronically ill loved one this Christmas? Look no further.

This is basically a list of both things that I have learnt to love and have found indispensable, and things I don’t yet have but would love (hint hint!)


These are an absolute must have in every chronically ill person’s wardrobe. It’s likely your loved one has a favourite brand of thermal but if not, these are my recommendations. I was recommended these Heat Holders by several others and boy are they good. 

Hot water bottle 

When I crash (i.e. run out of spoons), I suddenly get incredibly cold. No amount of layers seems to warm me up. My hot water bottle is suddenly called upon. Apparently you can get electric hot water bottles too which sound amazing so I’ve included a link to one of those too.

Weighted blanket 

I’ve seen these shared lots across social media but have never tried one out myself. Apparently they’re great for stress relief, helping you calm your anxiety and calming the senses. 

Cosy pyjamas 

Safe to say I have more sets of jammies than I do “going out” clothes. Jammies are endlessly comfortable, and when you’re in constant pain, comfort is exactly what you need. Word of warning if you’re ordering pyjamas for your loved one: go a size bigger than they are. Pyjamas are meant to be loose. Say no more. 

Cosy socks and/or slippers 

I’m a bit weird in that my circulation seems to have a mind of its own. One minute my feet (and hands) are sweating profusely, the next they’re freezing and might as well start going blue. No idea what causes this but when they’re freezing, I have to find the nearest warm socks/slippers/footwear I can find. 

Heat pads and wheat packs

These are like bean bags in that they’re filled with a material that can be heated up in the microwave and then effectively be a reusable hot water bottle. Lavender scented versions are available too. 

Essential oils

I love my Tisserand roller balls. They are perfect for rolling onto one’s pulse points and for stress relief. 

Scented candles

Do be careful on this one. While scented candles are lovely and smell yum, you may want to avoid this if your loved one is prone to falling asleep easily and/or has the severe form of ME CFS. 

Lap desk tray 

This is one of those things I didn’t actually know existed until someone else pointed one out. And now I want one for myself! 

Activity stuff 

This is one that will be personal to the recipient, but may include things like colouring books, dot-to-dot books (love these), crochet sets, you get the idea. 

Spoonie Survival Kit 

Set up by the amazing Pippa Stacey, these “spoonie survival kits” are called little bags of happiness for chronically ill people. There are different kits for chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. The contents are kept a secret to allow the recipient to fully enjoy their kit. 

Spoonie Survival Kits

Bear Hug Box

(This one isn’t an affiliate link, just that I love the concept so much) 

I received one of these from my friends recently and oh it was the loveliest thing to get in the post. The boxes are literally a hug in a box, you can personalise it to contain whatever you wish! 


Expensive Stuff

Slow cooker/ pressure cooker 

I’ve got one of these that hubby bought me last year and my word, it’s amazing. Quite frankly it looks like the thing is going to take off to space it’s that fancy. Anyway, what I love about it is that it’s a) huge and therefore will cover about a week’s worth of food, and b) it’s got a delay, and keep warm, function. I tend to have more “spoons” (i.e. energy) in the mornings so when I’m feeling strong enough, I’ll get a meal sorted that morning, put it on delay to start at some point in the afternoon, then whenever it’s finished, the machine keeps the food warm. Perfect! 

Amazon Prime membership

I know not everyone likes these big corporations but quite frankly I’m guessing you would have stopped reading pretty early on seeing as these affiliate links take you to Amazon! 

My Prime membership is absolutely brilliant. Next day delivery on pretty much everything. Shopping from one’s bed too. What could be better? Get your loved one their Amazon Prime membership sorted and that’s that!

Entertainment Subscriptions

We’re on our own most of the time with the required rest needed, so we generally have to entertain ourselves. A subscription to Netflix, Audible or a Kindle would be much appreciated I’m sure. 

Headspace Subscription

Headspace is an app (and website) that delivers mindfulness recordings. I’ve used it for years and its content has increased exponentially. There are mindfulness sets for each and every situation you can think of, from commuting to cooking. 


There are several other gift guides out there which have inspired my own one. One of my faves is Jo Moss’ celebration of independent retailers out there. Particularly love the selection of spoonie clothing available! Check it out here:

Until next time,

Soph x

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