Celebrate #FriendshipFriday with Kidscape and Elmer the Elephant

GIFTED: The Elmer the Elephant socks I write about in this post were gifted to me by SockShopUK in exchange for a charity post and review of these socks for Friendship Friday. 

Unleash your inner Elmer the Elephant on Friendship Friday with these jazzy charity socks from SockShopUK. Help to raise money and awareness for the children’s charity Kidscape by buying these socks, where 10% from each purchase go directly to funding anti-bullying work.  


(If you haven’t heard of Elmer the Elephant, get the book here. It’s the cutest children’s book, written by David McKee all about an elephant who sticks out, both with his patchwork design and sense of humour. Through his individuality, he teaches his community to celebrate difference in all of us.) 

Friendship Friday is an annual event, introducing children to the themes of kindness, respect, and obviously as the title says: friendship. It is something that when I was asked to write about, was very happy to do, as who can say no to promoting such an important theme. 

Kidscape – Friendship Friday 2019

As a blogger myself, in the lonely world of chronic illness, friendship is absolutely essential and something that means the world to me. It’s safe to say the chronic illness community is one of the kindest and generous communities I’ve come across, so really Friendship Friday is preaching to the converted but why not share it anyway?

Elmer the Elephant stands out from others for being different. And up until today I never realised quite how much I relate to him. Being in a powerchair means I tend to stand out a bit too, particularly when trying to get on the train, trying to navigate round the shops and asking yet another shop owner to get out their ramp to let me in. Friendship is something that when living with chronic illness, becomes more important than anything else. For me, Friendship Friday is more than just promoting an anti-bullying message, it is a reminder to each and every one of us, to simply be kind to others. To treat others the way we’d like to be treated ourselves. 

So on Friendship Friday this year I’m wearing these amazing Elmer socks, and boy do I love them. You see Kidscape have partnered with SockShopUK, a brand I’ve happily reviewed before, to create a pair of Elmer socks. 10% of each purchase of these socks is going towards funding important anti-bullying work at Kidscape. 

Click here to get your Elmer the Elephant socks to celebrate Friendship Friday

Like I wrote in my original SockShop review post, these socks are exactly the same. Thye’re made from bamboo, one of the softest materials available. 

Mummying and M.E. – Review: SockShopUK Bamboo Socks

If you’ve never tried bamboo socks, get yourselves a pair ASAP. Bamboo is the ultimate fabric that keeps your skin cool, fresh and dry with the added bonus of being naturally anti-bacterial! Result! Perfect for us lot with all our chronic illnesses! 

These bamboo socks are unbelievably soft, and the smooth, hand-linked toe seams make for kinder wearability, particularly for the little ones. 

If you like the sound of these socks, and are partial to a funky fabric, click on here to get ordering yours now and I look forward to seeing pictures of them, just like mine, on social media with the hashtag #FriendshipFriday soon!

Until next time, 

mummying and me


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