Month: October 2019

What an M.E. Crash Feels Like

NB: This is just my experience of an M.E. crash. This description is not going to be the same for everyone. My daughter is talking to me this morning, but I don’t understand what she’s saying. My husband has been doing the washing up downstairs, opening and closing cupboards, each one producing that bang sound […]

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Essentials for Getting Out and About as a Wheelchair User

Out on a shopping trip recently with a good friend, she suggested I put together a list of the things I’ve learnt to be essential when getting out and about.  You see I’ve always been fiercely independent, not thinking twice about the ability to leave the house, pop to the shops, buy a few bits […]

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Invisible Illness Week

This article was written for the ME Association as part of their Make ME Visible campaign during Invisible Illness Week. During Invisible Illness Week, we think about all those illnesses that aren’t the most obvious to those around us. Depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos, and obviously the reason we’re all reading this: M.E. The term […]

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PIP Appeal

Appealing a PIP Decision

The process of applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in the UK has been marred with controversy, leaving many who are perfectly entitled to the benefit too scared to even apply. For those new to the system, PIP has replaced Disability Living Allowance as the non-means-tested disability benefit in the UK. PIP is a benefit […]

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