My Typical Day as a Chronic Fatigue Blogger

Text: My typical day as a chronic fatigue blogger

Want to know what a day in the life of a chronic fatigue blogger looks like?

Here I will try to sum up what my days look like during the week.

Why did I choose to write this article?

When I’ve spoken to friends and family about my new job, blogging, they are always surprised that I spend so long on it each day. To be honest I’m surprised too, but when it’s your “business” you’re setting up from scratch, it is pretty all-encompassing. 

To clarify, I don’t actually make any money from this blog (yet). It’s still early days, the traffic coming to my site is still relatively low and am still working hard to get the Mummying and M.E. name out there, but it’ll come soon I’m sure! 

If you haven’t realised already, I have a toddler, so a lot of what I write about includes her. However, saying that, she goes to childcare full time (nursery 3 days a week and with the in laws the other 2 days) as my M.E. means I have to lie down and rest for at least 3-4 hours a day.

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So, this is what my weekdays generally look like:


The day starts. Obviously there’s no need for an alarm clock with a toddler in the house. You’ll see a lot of “ish” in this article in relation to timings, think the “ish” is self-explanatory.

The 3 of us get dressed, hubby for work, me for blogging, E for nursery. To clarify, E doesn’t dress herself, I dread to think how that would go. Showering only features for hubby. For me, it’s an activity that uses far too many spoons, so isn’t something I can do daily. In fact, showering only happens twice a week for me. If I smell, sorry about that.  

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Breakfast. Do medication routine. My combination of meds regularly changes dependent on what latest infection I’m fighting but generally involves several tablets, inhalers and a nasal spray. 

8.30am – ish

(I’ll stop the use of “ish” now, you get the idea.)

Take E to nursery. The round trip takes 45 mins – an hour. On the days when she’s with the in laws, they pick her up around 10am. 

My typical day as a chronic fatigue blogger


This is when the day properly starts. Tidy up the kitchen and living room. It’s not completely necessary but I can’t concentrate in mess, it just bothers me too much. I spend about half an hour getting chores done and then I know that’s ticked off the to-do list. (Anyone else add things to their to-do list after they’ve done them just so they have something to tick off? Just me?) 


Blogging work starts. As I have to lie down resting for at least 3-4 hours a day, blogging is the perfect “job”. I spend about 4-5 hours a day working on the blog, of which these are the following activities: 

Social media

I start off my “working” day by checking the social media accounts. I respond to comments, update my media kit based on follower numbers, check the “journorequest” hashtag, and engage with the chronic illness community. 

If you haven’t seen #journorequest before, check it out on Twitter. If you want to get your word out there, get contacting the requests that meet your requirements. That’s how I got featured on Metro online (a UK newspaper) and SheCan365

Metro Online: “You Don’t Look Sick” series – Living with M.E.

SheCan365: Sophie’s story

I look at what the trending hashtags are that day to see if I can link any of my writing into them. I engage in other people’s social media posts. Effectively, social media in the chronic illness community is a lifeline, a way of avoiding isolation, so “chatting” to others via Twitter or Instagram is invaluable. 

Other bloggers’ work

I go on to start reading other bloggers’ work, both in the chronic illness community and in other fields too. This helps to support fellow bloggers by sharing their work, but selfishly is a way of boosting your domain authority if you choose to comment on their article (more on DA later). 

I check emails and get replying to readers and journalists who have been in contact.

My typical day as a chronic fatigue blogger

Writing blog posts

At some point in the day I’ll get some ideas of things to write about. I always have several blog posts at different stages of creation, based on what I fancy writing about that day. The ideas of blog posts tend to come up in the most random of places, generally while out and about, so I try to make sure at the earliest opportunity that I write down my ideas on the Notes app of my iPhone which then links up to my computer once home.  

Currently I’ve got some articles to be written for outside sources (other people’s blogs, websites etc) so as soon as I have some inspiration, I try to work on those too. 

Fresh air

At some point in amongst all this, I make myself get outside, not just to get fresh air, but to see some other humans face to face. If I don’t do this, I won’t see anyone outside of nursery drop off. 

Most days of the week I’ll have an appointment of sorts, either counselling, doctor appointment or something else. I count that as my “getting outside” on those days. On other days, I get on my hired powerchair (thank you and wheel down to the local village if only just to pick up some milk or something from the shop. 


If I’ve got an article ready to publish, then I need to get the art-work for it sorted, so that’s another activity to get done. I use Unsplash, a website for royalty-free stock images for my pictures. There’s just no way I’ll ever be able to get pictures of that quality myself!

I then use Pixelmator to edit in the same style as all posts. It’s important to me that these featured images look similar in style as this all becomes part of my branding. 

Once the art work is sorted, I can get uploading the content onto my site. I use for Mummying and M.E. as it encompasses the domain hosting and editing all in one. I use the Didi theme for Mummying and M.E. but am always on the lookout for a different theme as I’m not entirely convinced this Didi one is the look I’m going for. 

My typical day as a chronic fatigue blogger

Resting during resting time

To clarify, these activities don’t happen all at once. I have to take regular mental breaks as my concentration levels aren’t great. These breaks generally come in the form of daytime TV shows and/or whatever series I’m binge watching at the time. 

Do also note that on my bad days, none of this happens. Bad days are bad. Can barely stand let alone form a coherent sentence. 

4.30pm ish:

Somewhere between 4.30 and 5pm, I head off to collect E from nursery. I love chatting to her after her day, finding out all the wonders she’s been up to that day. 


Get E ready for bed and down by 7pm.

The rest of the evening is spent with the hubby. Mark generally does the cooking for us, as I’m out of spoons by the evening.

We’re incredibly lucky that E sleeps well, and so do I. Unfortunately, life with M.E. means no amount of sleep clears the fatigue, but I’m willing to try nonetheless! 

Bloggers and readers with chronic illnesses, what do your days look like? Do you relate to any of what my day looks like? Do comment below!

Until next time,

mummying and me

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