Things I’m Grateful For This Week

I’ve wanted to think recently about what and who I’m grateful for. There have been many people instrumental in avoiding me plunging into a state of depression recently and I want to say thank you to those people.

 Church and god 

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I deliberately don’t write about church and god itself in my blog because I know not everyone believes, and that’s ok. I’m not in any way trying to persuade anyone to join their local church, but I wanted to share the wonders that have been my local church in the last few months. 

I started going to church in March and what I didn’t anticipate becoming a regular event, became a fixed part of my routine. Through church, I have met some of the most kind, thoughtful and friendly group of people, all of whom simply just smile and say hi on a weekly basis that makes me feel welcome and wanted in their faith. Embarrasingly, I found myself crying on a weekly basis at church, not because of depression, but because I felt at peace, something I didn’t think would be possible. 

I have felt a sense of strength and support through God that I never thought would happen. I grew up attending church on a weekly basis but it was boring, something we just had to do, never appreciated the value of it. 

The spirituality I have learnt in the last few months has helped me feel supported and has avoided me plunging into a deep sense of depression, a situation I had fully anticipated. 

I would like to thank the church for their unlimited support and kind words, and most of all, their unlimited hugs when they feel they’re needed. 

Financial charities

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Through church I have been introduced to some local charities whose focus is on helping people through financial difficulty. While we are lucky to have hubby’s salary, the extra costs associated with being disabled are more than we ever anticipated. The kindness of the church community has seen me sharing (or rather oversharing, sorry!) the situations I’ve found myself in, but fortunately has allowed me to explore the support that is out there, something I didn’t realise existed until now. 

My dear husband

While he can do my head in on a semi-regular basis (sorry!) and I’m sure the same is applicable vice versa, he is my absolute rock. My husband keeps me grounded when I get that little bit too excited about a potential project. He supports me when my anxiety takes me into a total meltdown, tears and all. He even lets me rest even when it goes against what we wanted to do as a family. 

My husband is the most incredible man I could have ever asked for. Not only that, he is the most amazing daddy to our gorgeous daughter. Most importantly, I am grateful to him for sticking through me through all this. I’m sure it’s easy to want to give up and head for greener pastures. But he doesn’t. And for that I will be forever grateful. 

My Friends

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You know who you are, I don’t need to mention you by name. Thank you. The friends who have stood by me in the dark days, the ones who don’t need to explain, the ones who just are there. Always. The ones who just say “are you free? We’re coming around to see you”. The ones who say, “how are you today?” in the knowledge that each day is different. The ones who let me just rant. Thank you.


Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Strange thing to be grateful for but this week I very much am. Thankfully, illnesses and disability are becoming mainstream news articles. As a result, journalists are looking for bloggers and writers to contribute. I was lucky enough to be one of those this week and featured on the Metro UK website. As I write, I have several other journalists in contact with me asking me to appear on their sites too. I’m very grateful to these people. Those who have put their trust in me to share what life is like with invisible illnesses like M.E. Sadly, M.E. is still one of those conditions that patients face stigma and misunderstanding with. But if journalists can help us “spoonies” properly explain the situation, then that can only be a good thing. 

The chronic illness community

This is something I had no idea existed prior to my diagnosis with M.E. The support I have found from this community has been fantastic. People who totally get it. They totally get the bad days, the good days, and everything in between and they are just fab.

To all you “spoonies” out there, thank you. 

Until next time,

mummying and me

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