REVIEW: SockShop Bamboo Socks (with 10% off code for my readers)

This is my first gifted product review and I’m so incredibly grateful that a brand has chosen to work with me.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but a gifted one. This means the products you see in this post have been provided to me and my family for free.

Who are SockShop?

SockShopUK sell socks, tights and underwear for ladies, men and kids, with 52 stores around the UK. Their products are made direct here in the UK, at their historic Bolton mill, and are part of a retail chain that includes Glenmuir 1891, Belledorm and Richard Haworth. 

When I saw that SockShop were looking for bloggers to review their products I jumped at the chance. Being someone with several chronic illnesses, any product that I can be offered that helps me (and my readers) feel that bit more comfortable is a winner in my book. 

Want to order new socks for yourself or your family? Click here and use the code MummyingAndMe10 at checkout to get 10% off your order. 

Why use SockShop?

As I’ve always said since setting up the blog, I only want to work with brands that my readers will appreciate and potentially use themselves. SockShop are one of these. 

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With my M.E. I have very little energy to work with on a daily basis and so need clothing products that will be easy to put on, are elasticated for comfort and keep me warm in winter, and cool in summer. 

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SockShop sent me 15 pairs of socks in total: 6 for me, 6 for hubby and 3 for E. I chose to review products from their bamboo socks collection as I’ve always heard how wonderful bamboo socks are and wanted to know if the positive reviews were true. 

SockShop bamboo socks

Safe to say, yes they are. 

What make bamboo socks so good?

Bamboo socks are incredible. Bamboo is one of the newest materials to use for socks, and boy am I glad it is. As a material, I’d place it as far superior to cotton, wool and polyester that other sock brands are made from. 

Thermo-regulating fabric

Bamboo is a naturally thermo-regulating fabric, keeping you cool on warm days, and warm on cool days. It is also super absorbent due to the hollow structure of the fibres. 

This is a brilliant feature for me as I appear to be rather unusual with my circulation. I get sweaty hands and feet in all weathers, a bodily feature that is somewhat embarrassing in social situations. Sweaty feet = smelly feet. Gross. 

I wore these bamboo socks on a day where I knew I’d be a sweaty mess, and for once, I wasn’t! The fabric performed as expected and kept my feet dry and comfortable! Result! 

Naturally hypo-allergenic

Even more pleasingly, bamboo fabric is naturally hypo-allergenic, perfect for people with atopy like me (the trio of asthma, eczema and hayfever) which tends to mean greater sensitivity to all kinds of things. 

In addition to this, I’ve learnt that bacteria don’t like to live inside bamboo fibres, so bamboo socks become naturally anti-bacterial. Perfect, eh! 

Want to order new socks for yourself or your family? Click here and use the code MummyingAndMe10 at checkout to get 10% off your order. 

So SockShop’s bamboo socks. They are so incredibly comfortable. There’s no other way to put into words how comfortable they are. 

“Comfort cuff” feature

SockShop’s bamboo socks have a special “comfort cuff” feature, meaning the cuffs of their socks don’t squeeze your legs like other socks might do. While this makes the socks incredibly comfortable, unfortunately this means the socks don’t always stay in place. In a day of wearing these socks, I had to regularly move them back into the correct place on my feet. But to be honest, I’d much prefer slightly looser socks than ending up with marks on my legs from where the cuffs of either socks dig in. 

Soph wearing SockShop bamboo socks

In terms of hubby’s socks, he didn’t complain. That basically means they were good! Same for E, she didn’t complain so again, they must be good!

The children’s socks range are longer in the leg meaning they would be perfect as school socks, but also for younger pre-school children. The children’s socks also have a soft toe seam which makes them much more comfortable than other brands.

In terms of pricing, I would say their prices match those of the main department stores on the high street. Of course, you can get socks cheaper at the likes of supermarkets and Primark but there is no way that these compare in terms of quality. 


SockShop’s bamboo socks far outweigh the quality of any socks I’ve ever purchased and have retained their comfort after several washes too. 

I would very much recommend SockShop’s bamboo socks to anyone looking to update their sock drawer. They are incredibly comfortable and breathable, and I most definitely will be going on to do an order myself. 

Want to order new socks for yourself or your family? Click here and use the code MummyingAndMe10 at checkout to get 10% off your order. 

Until next time,

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