Travelling with a Disability Part 2 : 6 Essentials for Your Suitcase

Essentials for your suitcase

As I promised, I would write a series of posts after getting back from holiday, to share some tips that helped me, in the hope they may help you too. 

(If you haven’t read it already, check out part 1 to this post: tips for travelling with a disability.)

There are some items I packed that were absolutely essential to our trip. Things that kept me (vaguely) sane, allowed me to continue pacing and kept me comfortable.  

Please note that these items are what worked for me, I’m not in any way trying to suggest they’ll work for everyone. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and what I write should not be constituted for medical advice. 

Disclaimer Part 2: The product images below are affiliate links. This means I will earn commission if you choose to buy the product by clicking on the images below, at no extra cost to you.

Ear plugs

Airports are noisy places. Aeroplanes are noisy places, as are the take-off and landing for that matter. Ear plugs are a must in this situation. 

Many people with M.E. get hypersensitive to noise and light (and this definitely includes me) so my ear plugs are a necessity.

I use Mack’s Reusable Ear Plugs which are suitable for swimming too. 

Click here to buy Mack’s Reusable Ear Plugs

I also have pressure-reducing ear plugs you can get which help if you struggle to equalise your ears when flying.

Click here to buy pressure-reducing ear plugs

Annoyingly, I have eczema inside my ears meaning ear plugs can irritate this after a while. When this happens, I switch to… 

Noise cancelling headphones

A few years ago, I bought hubby a pair of Beats Solo Wireless headphones. (I was clearly feeling flash at the time!) On this holiday these headphones became mine and there’s definitely a reason why they’re so expensive. They’re amazing! They fit my ears perfectly, are incredibly comfortable and muffle out most of the outside noise. 

Click here to buy Beats Wireless headphones

Travelling with a disability: 6 essentials for your suitcase


As I wrote above, people with M.E. (and I’m sure lots of other conditions too) get hypersensitive to noise and light. This means it becomes physically painful to be in loud and/or bright places. 

Good quality sunglasses are an absolute must. I have a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers which I bought for honeymoon 4 years ago and are still in very good shape but any sunglasses which are decent quality will do.  

Click here to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses

When it gets too bright, I resort to…

Eye mask

Granted one looks a bit odd going around (in a wheelchair) wearing ear plugs, headphones AND an eye mask but needs must! This one doesn’t need much explanation. 

Click here to buy an eye mask


If you’re anything like me, you struggle to regulate your body temperature. This means when it gets even slightly warm, you struggle to get or stay cool. And vice versa. 

Layered clothes are a must. I will always wear a cardigan or jumper over the top of my t-shirt or dress in the summer that I can just whip off (the cardigan that is, not the dress!) when I get too warm. 


Protecting your skin is so important whether you’re chronically ill or not. We tend to just use E’s sunblock as both hubby and I have very sensitive skin. 

Click here to buy Ambre Solaire Kids Sensitive SPF 50 Sunblock

Travelling with a disability: 6 essentials for your suitcase

Last but not least for the parents out there…

Plenty of episodes of Mr Tumble (or insert as appropriate your child’s favourite TV character) downloaded to your tablet… 

This obviously isn’t for you, unless you particularly like Mr Tumble! Nothing worse than a bored toddler so make sure you have plenty of their favourite TV character to hand! 


What are your essentials when going on holiday? What would you recommend to others when travelling? Comment below. 

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