Month: August 2019

“What Do You Do?”

Why is “what do you do” one of the first questions we ask someone? My “what do you do?” story I’ve been thinking about this question this week as for the first time in 10 years I haven’t been clambering onto tables, blu-tacking endless displays high up on the walls, deciding seating plans, brandishing a […]

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REVIEW: ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Click here to buy your entry tickets and / or membership  I have spent months and months boring my (long-suffering) friends and family about how “I just want to be able to take E to the zoo!”  Quite why it was the zoo I was so obsessed with I have no idea but through the […]

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My Crash First Aid Box

I wrote recently about how important self-care is, not just for those with chronic illness but for everyone.   Related: Mummying and M.E. – Why Self-Care is So Important Self-care can look different to each individual, from a certain exercise routine, to a certain diet. For me, self-care is about pacing myself through a day, making […]

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A Photo That Speaks a Thousand Words

  In this article, I’m writing about a photo of me and my daughter. A simple photo it most definitely is, but one that when I saw it, hit me with both sadness and joy at exactly the same time. How can one photo do that I hear you ask?

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Essentials for your suitcase

Travelling with a Disability Part 2 : 6 Essentials for Your Suitcase

As I promised, I would write a series of posts after getting back from holiday, to share some tips that helped me, in the hope they may help you too.  (If you haven’t read it already, check out part 1 to this post: tips for travelling with a disability.)

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Why I'm not ashamed to be disabled

Why I’m Not Ashamed To Be Disabled

As I described in my first blog post, I explained how I used to be full of energy. I used to be able to walk for miles at a time, not thinking twice about just popping down to the shops to meet a friend for coffee. My maternity leave was spent between buggy fit classes, […]

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Travelling with a Disability

If you’re disabled like me, (and no I’m not ashamed of the fact I’m disabled, post on that to follow) certain things require planning and a bit of extra help.  Travelling is one of those things.    Luckily there is plenty of help out there when travelling so I thought I’d put together a post of […]

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New symptoms and trying to get them under control

New Symptoms and Trying To Get Them Under Control

This week saw me going to the doctor for yet another set of new symptoms. Living with M.E./CFS presents a whole combination of symptoms, some of which you get used to, some of which you aren’t sure about.  Whenever I go to the doctor, I’m never convinced whether they’ll just say my new symptoms are […]

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6 Things I Wish I Could Tell My New Mummy Self

6 Things I Wish I Could Tell My New-Mummy Self

I found the newborn days really hard. It’s hard to admit that as we’re meant to, as new mums, be relishing in the wonders of it all. Be tagging everything on social media with the hashtag #blessed. Don’t get me wrong, I love our daughter to bits. She’s my world. But boy were those early […]

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