Riding the Rollercoaster of Emotions in Life with Chronic Illness

Happiness. Sadness. Fear. Disgust. Anger. Surprise. Life with chronic illness seems to involve pretty much all of these 6 types of basic human emotion. If you are anything like me, these emotions pass through on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis. This is what made me think of a rollercoaster, with the ups, the […]

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M.E, Chronic Illness and Parenting – 10 Top Tips

This is an article for all the parents out there, whether newly diagnosed with a chronic illness or not. I was delighted to be asked by Friendili to write an article for them, to put together a list of 10 top tips for parenting with a chronic illness. Of course I couldn’t say no to […]

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“Why Do You Use A Wheelchair If You Can Walk?”

At the weekend whilst out on a wheel for some fresh air (also known as needing a break from near constant CBeebies), I bumped into someone from church. They wanted to know about my wheelchair use and asked me, very politely: can you walk? And it was this question that got me thinking about that […]

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Washing With Fatigue

(AD: This post contains affiliate links which means I would earn a very small commission if you chose to purchase the products, at no extra cost to you.)  There’s a reason why I’ve titled this one “washing with FATIGUE” and not “washing with M.E.” Fatigue is a symptom common to many conditions, not just M.E. […]

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Parenting With Chronic Illness

The topic of this post came from a request I put out recently on an Insta-story of mine. I was struggling to know what my readers would be interested in reading and whether my topics were hitting the right notes (excuse the pun). I was asked to write about parenting with chronic illness and […]

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Grief and M.E.

I’m writing this article from my bed. I’m lying down flat, unable to sit up without overwhelming dizziness. It’s sunny outside, my daughter and hubby are running around enjoying the fresh air. I so desperately wish I could join them. I hate missing time with my family. But unfortunately, that’s not going to happen today.  […]

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Life with M.E. – A Post for M.E. Awareness Week

This is a post written originally for PosAbility Magazine, published 11th May 2020 to coincide with M.E. Awareness Week. I had very much intended to write a separate blog post for M.E. Awareness Week but with the extra energy levels needed to keep our toddler entertained during lockdown, and the subsequent crashes, worse than normal, […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Supercharged Superhero by Gemma Everson

Back in November 2019, I was contacted by Gemma Everson. An author, wife, and mother, she had written a book – Supercharged Superhero – a story of her family coming to terms with M.E. The book was written for children but at the same time explained an illness, fraught with misconceptions, to adults too.  Gemma […]

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Slimming World with ME/CFS

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Slimming World. I simply attend (virtually at the moment) each week, follow the programme and it’s amazing. I simply wanted to share what it’s like!  Disclaimer number 2: I would class my M.E. as moderate or 40-50% on the M.E. Association’s Disability Rating Scale. In no way do I […]

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A Letter to My Nearest and Dearest

To my wonderful friends and family (you know who you are),  I want to attempt to say thank you to you all but also sorry at the same time by writing this open letter. I’m not entirely sure I’ll manage but here goes. For those who haven’t met me in person but have supported me […]

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