Quotes I’ve Learnt to Live By

If you follow me on Instagram (@mummyingme), you’ll know I’m a fan of a good motivational quote. 

With this in mind, I decided to create a “series” of blog posts, describing my favourite quotes and what they mean to me.

This post is “part 1”. Quite how many of these posts there will end up being I’m not yet sure but watch this space! 

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REVIEW: Smol Laundry Capsules

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate post meaning if you choose to sign up to Smol products I get free stuff. Wonderful eh. Note: I only work with brands or put my name to brands, that I truly believe will be used and enjoyed by my readers.

I can’t honestly remember what it was I saw that got me started with Smol, but it must have been one of their adverts on social media.

They were offering a FREE sample of 9 laundry tablets. I’m a sucker for free stuff so there I was, hook, line and sinker, handing over my details.

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Things I’m Grateful For This Week

On World Suicide Prevention Day, I wanted to think about what and who I’m grateful for. There have been many people instrumental in avoiding me plunging into a state of depression recently and I want to say thank you to those people.

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Introduction to the UK Disability Benefits System

(This post will be updated regularly as I am in the process of appealing a PIP decision. Pop back to hopefully see changes soon.) 

Let’s start with the facts: 

According to Scope UK, 13.7 million people in the UK are disabled. This is made up of around 6% of children, 19% of working age adults, and 45% of pension age adults. 

A survey called Disability Price Tag, showed life costs you £570 extra a month if you are disabled. This includes the cost of extra heating, insurance, mobility equipment and therapies. Within this survey, Scope UK found that after housing costs, a third of disabled people live in poverty.  

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5 Stages of Coming to Terms with a Chronic Illness

It is known that there are 5 stages of grief when coming to terms with any kind of loss. These stages of grief are most commonly associated with bereavement but can also be applied to coming to terms with a chronic illness. 

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“What Do You Do?”

Why is “what do you do” one of the first questions we ask someone?

I’ve been thinking about this question this week as for the first time in 10 years I haven’t been clambering onto tables, blu-tacking endless displays high up on the walls, deciding seating plans, brandishing a staple gun to each and every wall surface. For the first time in 10 years I haven’t been anticipating the new school year anxious as to whether I’d remember how to teach. 

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REVIEW: ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Click here to buy your entry tickets and / or membership 

I have spent months and months boring my (long-suffering) friends and family about how “I just want to be able to take E to the zoo!” 

Quite why it was the zoo I was so obsessed with I have no idea but through the many months of not knowing what was wrong with me, and then coming to terms with living with M.E., I dreamt of a fun day out with my hubby and daughter.

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My Crash First Aid Box

I wrote recently about how important self-care is, not just for those with chronic illness but for everyone.  

Self-care can look different to each individual, from a certain exercise routine, to a certain diet. For me, self-care is about pacing myself through a day, making sure to rest at regular intervals to only expend small amounts of energy at once. 

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A Photo That Speaks a Thousand Words


In this article, I’m writing about a photo of me and my daughter. A simple photo it most definitely is, but one that when I saw it, hit me with both sadness and joy at exactly the same time. How can one photo do that I hear you ask?

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Essentials for your suitcase

Travelling with a Disability Part 2 : 6 Essentials for Your Suitcase

As I promised, I would write a series of posts after getting back from holiday, to share some tips that helped me, in the hope they may help you too. 

(If you haven’t read it already, check out part 1 to this post: tips for travelling with a disability.)

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Why I'm not ashamed to be disabled

Why I’m Not Ashamed To Be Disabled

As I described in my first blog post, I explained how I used to be full of energy. I used to be able to walk for miles at a time, not thinking twice about just popping down to the shops to meet a friend for coffee. My maternity leave was spent between buggy fit classes, baby sensory classes and music classes, walking between each one. Of course I was tired, everyone is with a baby, but a good rest sorted me out each time, ready to start a new day.

However last winter, I was hit by several chest infections, sending my asthma haywire. I was hospitalised as they struggled to get my asthma under control. 

I haven’t recovered since. 

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Travelling with a Disability

If you’re disabled like me, (and no I’m not ashamed of the fact I’m disabled, post on that to follow) certain things require planning and a bit of extra help. 

Travelling is one of those things.   

Luckily there is plenty of help out there when travelling so I thought I’d put together a post of the different options out there. If you can think of any I’ve missed, do let me know here

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New symptoms and trying to get them under control

New Symptoms and Trying To Get Them Under Control

This week saw me going to the doctor for yet another set of new symptoms. Living with M.E./CFS presents a whole combination of symptoms, some of which you get used to, some of which you aren’t sure about. 

Whenever I go to the doctor, I’m never convinced whether they’ll just say my new symptoms are part of the ME or whether they need further investigation. Luckily, the GP surgery I go to are thoroughly fantastic. They do always take new symptoms seriously and do like to investigate them. 

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6 Things I Wish I Could Tell My New Mummy Self

6 Things I Wish I Could Tell My New-Mummy Self

I found the newborn days really hard. It’s hard to admit that as we’re meant to, as new mums, be relishing in the wonders of it all. Be tagging everything on social media with the hashtag #blessed. Don’t get me wrong, I love our daughter to bits. She’s my world. But boy were those early months tough.   

I put a lot of pressure on myself to do certain things in the early days, achieve certain things (and I do wonder if that has affected my development of M.E.)

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Why self care is so important

Why Self Care is So Important (and how you can start to incorporate it today)

This isn’t just an article for the “spoonies” or chronic fatigue sufferers out there. This is for everyone. Self-care is essential. A necessity. Not a luxury. 

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Book recommendations for living with ME CFS

My Must-Reads

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

There are books out there which promise a “cure” or the “best way” of getting rid of every chronic illness out there. However, as yet, I don’t feel comfortable with that approach. I know my chronic fatigue isn’t going anywhere (yet) so for now I want to feel comfortable and at peace with it. Obviously easier said than done!

There are several books I’ve read over the last few months which I’ve absolutely loved. They’ve totally resonated with me and got me thinking about priorities, values and just the basics of needing to get through the day-to-day.

Hopefully you might like some of them too, let me know if you do!

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What is shopmobility

Shopmobility (and other services you NEED to know about)

Before being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, I had never heard of Shopmobility. I’d seen people riding through town centres on mobility scooters but had simply assumed they’d come from home on them. I certainly didn’t know how you went about getting hold of one if you needed it.  

I certainly didn’t know that Shopmobility schemes are everywhere, they’re so friendly and they make it easier for you to get around when shopping! Result! 

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Wheelchair with ME CFS

Life on Wheels

I don’t know about you, but I had always viewed the use of a wheelchair solely for those with spinal cord injury / paralysis or the elderly. I certainly hadn’t thought it was just as acceptable for those with invisible illness such as chronic fatigue syndrome (ME CFS). 

For months, prior to my diagnosis, I had been getting worse. My ability to get through a day of very basic activity was reducing and I couldn’t explain why. I was going from being able to walk for at least an hour to barely walking 200 metres. Yes, I had had repeat infections, and was on a whole variety of medication, but this did not explain the lack of mobility. 

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6 Rules for Parenting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

6 Rules for Parenting with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME CFS)

I probably ought to start with a disclaimer for this one. I am NOT (amongst many things!) an organic-cooking-from-scratch, arts-and-crafts, reusable-nappies type of mummy. If that’s you, serious hats off to you, I’m very impressed. That’s just not me. I’m a finding-the-shortcuts-in-life, winging-my-way-through-life type of mummy. It’s just the way I have to live to stay sane. 

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How to support someone with chronic fatigue syndrome

How to Support Someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Let me start off by saying it’s not just the people with chronic fatigue syndrome, or any chronic illness for that matter, that suffer. Those closest to them suffer too. It must be really hard, and really frustrating, to see the person you love struggling. I imagine it’s hard to know what to do to help.

So, what can you do to help?  How can you support someone with chronic fatigue syndrome?

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Getting Diagnosed with ME CFS

Getting diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME CFS)

It sounds strange to say I was relieved to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME CFS). Why be relieved to be told you’ve got a chronic illness that has no cure and no universal treatment? (Please be wary of those sites that offer a “cure” in exchange for vast sums of money.) Why be relieved to be told they don’t know what the trajectory of this illness will take? Why be relieved knowing 1 in 4 people with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME CFS) end up severely affected and bedbound? 

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What is chronic fatigue syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME CFS)?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a long-term, debilitating condition characterised by a combination of symptoms related to the immune, neurological and nervous systems. It is classed as a neurological condition by the World Health Organisation (G93.3). 

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My Chronic Fatigue Story

My Story

I used to be healthy (ish!) Full of energy. I used to think nothing of working a 10+ hour day, 5 days a week, going to a 2-hour rehearsal twice a week after work, and most other nights going for a drink or 2 at the local. Weekends were spent socialising, walking; energy was seemingly unlimited. If it wasn’t, a good lie in and rest for the day sorted me right out and I was back, the normal me firing on all cylinders. 

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